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Title: The condition of foot in students with functional disorders of posture under different types of physical load
Keywords: an arch of the foot, physical load, risk group
Issue Date: 31-May-2019
Publisher: Journal of Physical Education and Sport
Citation: SVITLANA NAKONECHNA1, OLEG BASKEVYCH2, SERG POPEL3, BOGDAN LISOVSKII4. The condition of foot in students with functional disorders of posture under different types of physical load. Journal of Physical Education and Sport. VOL 19 Supplement Issue 3, May, 2019. pp. 819 – 822.
Series/Report no.: VOL 19 Supplement Issue 3;Art # 117
Abstract: As a result of a comprehensive study were data obtained as a result of the comprehensive study characterize the state and functional readiness of the students' feet by measure of the flatness of arches of the foot without the physical load and after the static and dynamic physical load. The weakening of the ligamentous - muscular foot apparatus was noted in students with a pathology of the musculoskeletal system – I grade dysplastic scoliosis (up to 7 ° S) under all physical load. Without a physical load, 27.9% of boys and 25.1% of surveyed girls with disorder of posture constitute the so-called risk group with the condition of the arch apparatus characterized as ‘moderate’ and ‘flat’ foot. Under static load, the flatness of the foot increased in 75.3% of boys and in 59.2% of girls with functional disorders of posture, and respectively, in 29.2% and 8.8% of boys and girls without postural disorder. Dynamic load on the foot with own body weight when jumping from the height of 1 m in 100.0% of students with functional posture disorders was characterized by deformities of the foot arch, while a qualitative assessment of “flat foot” was noted in 24.8%. In boys and girls without a posture disorder, these figures have constituted only 34.5% and 19.7%, respectively. The obtained data suggest that the physical impact on the foot depends on sex differences and the state of the spine. It was found out that young men, regardless of the state of the spine, have more significant changes in the structure and function of the foot than girls.
ISSN: 2247-8051
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