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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Educational Model of a Modern Student: European ScopeBudnyk, Olena
Mar-2016Educational Model of a Modern Student: European ScopeBudnyk, Olena; Будник, Олена Богданівна
2005Ethnic Education of Personality in the Context of European IntegrationBudnyk, Olena; Blyznyuk, Tetyana; Будник, Олена Богданівна
2018Features of Social and Educational Support of Young Parents and their ChildrenMykhailyshyn, Halyna; Budnyk, Olena
2016Implementing Inclusive Education in Ukraine: Problems and PerspectivesDubkovetska, Iryna; Budnyk, Olena; Sydoriv, Serhiy
2019Innovative Competence of a Teacher: Best European PracticesBudnyk, Olena
2017Moral and Aesthetic Aspect of the Professional Training of TeachersBudnyk, Olena; Kondur, Oksana
2017Regional and Multicultural Education in Poland and UkraineStępnik, Andrzej; Budnyk, Olena; Blyznyuk, Tetyana; Mazur, Piotr
2014Teachers’ Training For Social And Educational Activity In Conditions Of Mountain Area Primary SchoolBudnyk, Olena
May-2017The Category of freedom in the written heritage of John Amos Comenius and Hryhoriy SkovorodaVasianovych, Hryhorii; Budnyk, Olena; Будник, Олена Богданівна
Apr-2017The Hierarchy of Values Among Young People from Schools in the Mountainous Regions (Comparative study on the example of Poland and Ukraine)Budnyk, Olena; Mazur, Piotr; Будник, Олена Богданівна
2019The Philosophical Foundations of the Researches of the Inclusive EducationVasianovych, Hryhoriy; Budnyk, Olena
2018Theoretical Principles of Using Steam-Technologies in the Preparation of the Teacher of the New Ukrainian SchoolBudnyk, Olena
2020Use of Information and Communication Technologies in the Inclusive Process of Educational InstitutionsBudnyk, Olena; Kotyk, Mykhaylo